Lirik " He's Everything To Me "

He's Everything To Me

He's ev'rything to me.
From sin He sets me free;
His peace and love my portion
Thro' all eternity!
He's ev'rything to me,
More than I dreamed could be.
O praise His name forever!
He's ev'rything to me. 

In sin I once had wandered,
All weary, sad and lone,
Till Jesus through His mercy
Adopted me His own.
Ever since I learned to trust Him,
His grace doth make me free,
And now I feel His pardon,
He's everything to me. 

In sin no more I'll wander;
He's Pilot, Friend and Guide.
He brings me joy and singing.
His Spirit doth abide.
A blessed, loving Savior,
The Lamb of Calvary!
He purchased my redemption.
He's ev'rything to me. 

No longer will I stray
From His tender, loving care;
Like Him to be my purpose,
My aim, my constant prayer.
And when He bids me welcome
Thro'out eternity,
I'll praise His name forever.
He's ev'rything to me.

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